A few months ago I made an email mistake that could have been fatal.

A mistake that could have ruined a multimillion-dollar relationship with a client at my job.

Here’s what happened and how you can avoid this same mistake.

An account that I manage was requesting a credit due to misinformation prior to a sale being made.

As protocol goes, I sent an email CC-ing all internal parties that were either affected or had a hand in the decision making.

Simple task right?

Not when the owner of the company requesting the credit has the same first name as a co-worker.

I’m sure you know how the story goes from here.

I accidentally CC’ed the owner of the company instead of my co-worker.

Innocent mistake.

My phone rang almost immediately after sending the email.

My manager told me to recall the email, asap.

Nothing disparaging was said about the buyer in the email, but the replies could reveal confidential internal info.

After recalling the email I searched for a fix so this wouldn’t happen again when emailing from my iPhone or iPad.

Found it!

The iPhone has a feature that allows you to save your company’s email extension and highlight all other email address in red to let you know you are emailing someone outside your company. Nifty right?

Now, when you’re on the go you’ll never have to worry about emailing customer John instead of co-worker John.